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Research - Capacity building - Innovation
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About me

Welcome! I am an engineer based in Lisboa, Portugal. I have a very strong interest in urban water systems and in decision making processes regarding water and sanitation infrastructure construction and expansion. I am particularly interested in understand how data can be used to support decision making.

From 2009 until 2013 I worked at KWR - Watercycle Research Institute while doing my PhD at the Delft University of Technology (thesis, cover). From 2014 and until the beginning of 2021 I was involved in several innovation, research and capacity building projects throughout Mozambique. At the beginning of 2021 I moved back to Portugal where I started working at AGS.

On this page you can find a sample of my previous projects, and if you would like to get in touch, my direct contacts can be found at the bottom of this page. I am looking forward to hearing from you.



AGS – Administração e Gestão de Sistemas de Salubridade, SA

Period: 2021-ongoing
Main activities: Product development, technical assistance
Description: Project engineer


Supporting lntegrated Urban Water approaches for urbanizing Maputo through capacity building and advocacy activities

Period: 2020-2021
Scope: Capacity building, Advocacy
Partners: TU Delft, Associação AQUASHARE
Description: NWO-funded capacity building and advocacy project, through their Urbanizing Deltas of the World program. This is a follow-up to the previous "Sustainable freshwater supply for Urbanizing Maputo, Mozambique" that aims at disseminating knowledge and lessons learned in the initial project.

Developing capacities in Renewable Energies and Entrepreneurship to electrify the rural populations across Mozambique, Mozambique

Period: 2020-2021
Scope: Capacity building
Partners: TU Delft, UEM and ADZ
Description: TBA.

ZAMADZI, Mozambique

Period: 2017-ongoing
Scope: Capacity building
Partners: TU Delft, IHE Delft, KIT, WUR and ADZ
Description: ZAMADZI is a NUFFIC-funded capacity building project in Integrated Water Resources Management in the Zambezi Valley. We have four main activities: MSc and PhD projects, Short-duration courses and Action research mini-projects.

African Water Corridor, Mozambique

Period: 2019-2020
Scope: Research, Education
Partner: TU Delft

Sustainable water for urbanizing Maputo, Mozambique

Period: 2014-2019
Scope: Research, Capacity building
Partners: TU Delft, IHE Delft, UEM, VEI and FIPAG
Description: NWO-funded research project, through their Urbanizing Deltas of the World program, whereby with the support of four Mozambican PhDs, we developed tools, models and approaches to enable the Mozambican water & sanitation sector to include water reuse in their water resources plans.
Peer-reviewed publications: Improving health in cities through systems approaches for urban water management (PDF) and Mitigation Potential of Sanitation Infrastructure on Groundwater Contamination by Nitrate in Maputo (PDF)

VIA Water, Mozambique

Period: 2017-2019
Scope: Innovation, Business development
Clients: VIA Water and Aqua for all
Description: VIA Water supported 60+ innovative water and sanitation projects, and I was the representative for Mozambique where we supported 8 projects covering a wide variety of pressing needs, including water, sanitation and urban agriculture.

AIAS Sanitation platform, Mozambique

Period: 2018-2019
Scope: Capacity building, Business development
Clients: BoP InC, AIAS and VEI
Description: The project aimed at developing a capacity-building platform to reach 1,000+ people in five years, across the whole country, making use of world-class training materials adapted to the Mozambican context.

Wastewater management and sanitation provision in Africa, Mozambique

Period: 2018
Scope: Advocacy, Knowledge sharing
Client: GRID-Arendal
Description: The Atlas will "profile the state of and trends in wastewater management and sanitation delivery on the African continent" and my task was to produce content for the final document in the shape of case-studies for the city of Maputo.